Twin Atlantic, Pyramids Centre 14.10.2016


I think the pinnacle of Twin Atlantic, is precisely what my housemate said about them: They seem like a pop-punk boy band, and then you listen to them. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the proud Glaswegian boys in action; in fact I saw them at their crescendo in Brixton last year, a venue […]

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21 BEFORE 21


There is a moth and another questionable creature buzzing around my room,  harassing me. Do I deserve this kind of torment at my age? Because OH YEAH, it’s my 21st birthday, as of about 29 minutes ago. I have just returned to you, and to Ol’ Blighty after a long weekend in my favourite place […]

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Why Low Maintenance Friends Are The Best


  I desperately wanted to title this post ‘an ode to Low Maintenance Friends’ but funnily enough didn’t expect it would get the same pull. But the thing is, you so know the people in you’re life I’m talking about. LMF’s. Easy going Gals. The people that do not care, that you only use your phone […]

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21 Things To Expect From Living in Uni Halls


Yeah so, I didn’t have a suitable header image for this post, so I just went with a cute one of Portsmouth, from a cute day when the sun was actually shining. By suitable, I mean remotely aesthetically pleasing, alas there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about the multitude of drunken/naked flat party/messy room photos I […]

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48 hours in Prague

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Hello internet beans, remember me? How ya doing? Good? Good. Me? Oh I’ve been okay, you know, working, went to Prague recently. How was it you ask? Well… My little voyage over to Czech Republic was quick, but I absolutely fell in love. Prague is unlike any city I’ve ever been to, maybe with the […]

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Alternative Summer Playlist

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As I am writing this, I’m flicking through the music channels on Sky and it just firmly proves how much you NEED this list in your life. Which is another way of saying, music channels are currently making me despair, but that’s a rant for a different day.  But also, I think I might edit this list […]

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Mini Paphos Guide


Summer holiday season is among us, or at least it should be. Paphos is an incredible trip, and an all round pleaser. This is the place where I get off the plane and it’s like, awh, home. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been going for a long ole time or because its just a magical, […]

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Exams Are Over


Okay, so you know that feeling in your chest when you come out of an exam, maybe it went surprisingly well, maybe you don’t care anymore, but it’s over. Well, imagine that on prozak, merrily tipsy on tequila and you’ve got where I am about now. My exams are over. I have finished my first […]

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Blogging About Blogging

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I actually wrote this post on Saturday, but my fave, Hannah Gale spoke so much truth in this post  on Sunday evening, I just wanted to further express my feelings on this topic: Blogging has been a part of my life throughout my teens and now into my twenties. Whether that be actively participating or just […]

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How To Convince Your Parents You Should Take A Gap Year


My dad is quite lenient. He never really set rules in our house. He bought our booze at 15 and was always happy when we came to him with a new idea. But when his only daughter, at 17-years-old came up to him and said,”I want to leave the country for an extended amount of time,” […]

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